Bill Bryson quoted in GGR Asia

Public, economics could tip Taiwan govt to casinos: GMA

A combination of popular demand in outlying islands and a desire to boost Taiwan’s economy as a whole could lead the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to reconsider its long-standing opposition to casino gaming, says a briefing paper from lawyer Bill Bryson of Global Market Advisors LLC (GMA)

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Andrew Klebanow quoted in the Boston Globe

Springfield casino seeks to blend into historic downtown

by Sean P. Murphy

When it opens in 2018, the MGM Resorts casino will make a historical claim hard to imagine amid thousands of flashing, whirling, slot machines: two pre-Civil War US presidents slept here.

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Kit Szybala quoted in Forbes Magazine

India’s Ignored Gaming Potential Tops $10 Bln, White Paper Says

by Muhammad Cohen

Name an Asian country with a billion-plus population, a rapidly expanding middle class, a propensity to gamble and virtually nowhere to do it at home.  Think again; the country described above is not only China, but India.  A report from gaming, tourism and hospitality consultant Global Market Advisors says that India has the potential to become a $10 billion annual legal gaming market. But international operators and major Asian gaming destinations remain fixated on China, despite diminishing returns, largely ignoring this outsized opportunity.

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Shaun McCamley quoted in

Shaun McCamley: Look at proxy betting, social games to build brand

Asia is-at this moment-the largest gambling market, but it’s also a very difficult one to operate in due to restrictions that stem from outdated government laws.  Shaun McCamley, of Global Market Advisors, said “tough times” are ahead for operators, which is why they should start looking at other offerings to build brand and bring in additional revenue.

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Kit Szybala quoted in Asia Gaming Brief

Indian gamer undervalued

India could become the next dominant force in Asian gaming, as long as India’s growing population has easy access to a mix of attractive integrated casino resorts, says Global Market Advisors.

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Kit Szybala quoted in GGR Asia

Indians’ casino play US$10 billion if right product: GMA

Casino gambling by the growing middle class of Indian nationals has the potential to generate nearly US$10.2 billion annually by the year 2025 provided there is the right product close to home, says a new report from Global Market Advisors LLC (GMA).

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Steve Gallaway quoted in EJ Insight

Vladivostok gambling zone: Opportunities and challenges

by Brian Yeung

In 2009, Russia declared gambling illegal except in four (later expanded to five) integrated entertainment zones, including one near Vladivostok…

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Article by Kit Szybala featured in Global Gaming Business Magazine

Asia’s Sleeping Tiger

by Kit Szybala

Since the emergence of Macau and Singapore as two of the world’s largest gaming markets, casino developers have looked at other jurisdictions within Asia for the next great opportunity.  Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Primorye region of Eastern Russia, the Philippines and Cambodia have all generated varying amounts of interest from international casino developers.  Japan, with its large and prosperous population, now appears to be out of play, at least for the foreseeable future…

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Asia’s Sleeping Tiger

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