GMA’s Executive Placement, Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Business Unit is dedicated to delivering top-tier human capital solutions, ensuring the right talent for your organization’s success. Our tailored solutions and commitment to excellence redefine the standard in human capital management, making us your ideal strategic partner in building a high-performing, future-ready workforce.

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Candidate Sourcing

GMA specializes in meticulous candidate sourcing, deploying industry-tailored strategies and accessing global talent networks for precise and proactive recruitment.

  • Meticulous sourcing using advanced methodologies for a diverse candidate pool, tailoring strategies to specific industries to ensure cultural alignment and skill fit
  • Proactively mapping talent landscapes to anticipate future hiring needs, staying ahead of industry trends and identifying the best potential candidates

HR Planning

Our HR planning serves as a cornerstone in shaping organizational success, aligning talent strategies with business goals for sustained growth.

  • Strategic workforce alignment, considering organizational objectives through meticulous planning to ensure skill sets, roles, and capacities meet current and future business needs
  • Proactive talent development strategies to nurture a skilled and adaptable workforce, including identifying and bridging skill gaps for continuous organizational excellence
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Employer Branding

GMA’s employer branding initiatives go beyond recruitment, crafting a compelling narrative that attracts top talent and fosters a thriving organizational culture.

  • Strategic brand positioning, crafting a distinctive brand that communicates the organization’s values, culture, and unique offerings to resonate with top talent and stand out in the competitive job market
  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP) enhancement, showcasing the organization’s commitment to employee growth, well-being, and a dynamic work environment to attract and retain high-caliber talent

Diversity & Inclusion

GMA is dedicated to championing diversity and inclusion, weaving an inclusive tapestry that enriches our workplace and empowers a thriving, innovative workforce.

  • Inclusive recruitment practices to attract a diverse range of candidates, ensuring fair evaluation processes that celebrate differences and foster a representative talent pool
  • Cultivating inclusive workplace culture that values diversity of thought, backgrounds, and experiences to promote equity, belonging, and equal opportunities for all employees
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Adaptability & Technology Integration

GMA transforms the recruiting landscape by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, fostering adaptability that aligns talent strategies with the pace of change.

  • Innovative recruitment technologies, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency by embracing AI, data analytics, and automation for precision and agility in candidate sourcing, evaluation, and selection
  • Developing and implementing adaptive talent strategies that evolve with industry trends and organizational needs, aligning technology integration with dynamic business environments for sustained recruitment success

Global Talent Networks

Our recruiting prowess extends globally, tapping into expansive talent networks to ensure a diverse and skilled pool that propels organizational success on a worldwide scale.

  • Leveraging extensive global networks to access a diverse and qualified talent pool, ensuring a strategic approach to talent acquisition that transcends geographical boundaries
  • Incorporating cultural intelligence in recruitment strategies to understand and align with diverse workplace dynamics, leveraging a global mindset in candidate sourcing, selection, and onboarding for seamless integration
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