Josh Swissman quoted on

Josh Swissman quoted on

California Voters Defeat Sports Betting Props By Wide Margins

The defeat of the dueling sports betting propositions 26 and 27 in California came as no surprise—pundits predicted as much. The pundits also predicted that Prop 26 would do less poorly than Prop 27, for what that’s worth. They were right about that one too.

Despite waging the most expensive effort in support of ballot props in the history of any California campaign— almost $600 million, according to the Associated Press—Californians said no deal.

Prop 27, the one which would allow FanDuel and other sportsbooks to offer online betting, drew a measly 16 percent support. Prop 26, which brought in-person sports betting to tribal casinos and race tracks, garnered less than 30 percent of the vote.

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