Joe Sebok

Associate Partner: Recruiting & Talent Acquisition


Joe Sebok joined GMA Consulting as an Associate Partner in November 2023 to lead the company’s Executive Placement & Talent Acquisition business unit.  With nearly 25 years of experience across the venture capital startup, professional poker and gaming, agency, and in-house recruiting landscapes, Sebok brings a formidable and diverse mix of talents to GMA Consulting and its clients.

After beginning his career as a professional poker player in 2005, winning several titles and competing in both the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour, Sebok ceased playing full-time in 2009 to make his shift into media and business.  He did so effectively, helping spearhead poker’s first televised media reporting program, as well as several of poker’s most popular radio programs across the globe.

Sebok joined the recruiting and talent acquisition ranks in 2015 and won awards while at the largest creative recruiting agency in North America before transitioning to work in-house and build several entire teams from scratch.  His additional experience in marketing, sales, and operations further strengthens his robust proficiency in understanding clients’ open positions and what is required to staff them both effectively and expeditiously.

Sebok is thought of as a creative and knowledgeable pioneer with a flair for connecting people in environments where they can discover passions, find happiness, and ultimately flourish in positions that work perfectly for both candidate and client.

A UC Berkeley graduate, Sebok happily resides in the sunny Bay Area with his partner, Lara.  Outside of work, his passions include nature, music, and meeting new people.

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