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GMA is a TermSet partner.
TermSet is a revolutionary product that automatically adds accurate consistent metadata and taxonomies to Office documents, PDF's and emails. It uses ground breaking technology like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to dramatically improve search, governance and navigation within SharePoint. No manual work, it just happens.

TermSet supports Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Office365. For more information on TermSet’s features please click here.

GMA has identified two important areas where TermSet’s advanced capabilities, such as summarisation and sentiment analysis can deliver clear benefits to its customers.

The first is managing research documents. Both buy and sell side firms produce and consume large amounts of research documents. When a piece of research material is uploaded to a SharePoint library TermSet can automatically produce a headline summary, classify the sentiment and automatically tag with metadata such as asset class, industry sector, company name and region / country. This will make it far easier for users to find documents they are interested in, particularly if SharePoint’s advanced search capabilities are used as well.

The second area is legal document management. TermSet can help extract key information such as matter reference and counterparty names and tag documents with this information. This would negate the need for legal departments to manually classify documents, which is hugely time consuming and inefficient.

​To learn more about how TermSet could benefit your business please contact us.