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The forthcoming Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Product (PRIIP) regulations will require companies to provide retail investors with a Key Information Document (KID) when selling PRIIPs.
GMA Consulting has developed an automated solution for KID production which is available as a ‘plug-in’ for the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration platform.
The core features of the solution include:
 Data structure based on industry standards
 KID template:
  • All required data fields
  • Multi-option product capability
  • Easily configurable
 Bulk KID generation capability
 PDF output
 Flexible so can be updated in line with regulation changes
GMA can also provide additional bespoke functionality according to the client’s exact requirements:
 Data integration with internal and external data sources
 Approval/ reminder workflows
 CRM Integration (such as Salesforce)
 Visual indicators for when KIDs need re-publishing due to data changes
N.B. GMA’s solution does not carry out any data calculations

Benefits of the solution

 Full control of the KID production process - It lets users create documents on demand without reliance on external parties
 Rapid and accurate KID production that complies with the regulatory technical standards
 Frees up employee resources from tedious tasks such as document formatting.
 Any sensitive data is kept within the confines of the companies IT network.
 Integration with Microsoft Office documents.
 Rapid deployment through Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure.
 Lower cost than stand-alone software because it has been built on existing foundations of Microsoft SharePoint.
 Enables the client to utilise IT capabilities and employee expertise that they  already possess.

For more information on the PRIIPs regulation follow these links:

- EU PRIIPs Information Page

FCA PRIIPs Information Page

NB - In November 2016 the European Commission announced that there would be a year’s delay in the introduction of PRIIPs. The new implementation date is expected to be 31st December 2017. The revised Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) are expected to be agreed in the first half of 2017. GMA’s solution will be updated to reflect the final RTS.

To learn more call us on +44 (0)20 7960 2880 or email us at

Screenshot 1: Homepage Dashboard
Screenshot 2: Data Entry Form
Screenshot 3: KID Document
 Screenshots are from GMA's development environment
 Zeus is a fictional financial services company
 The 'look and feel' of the KID document shown here is purely an example. The KID can be styled to meet a client's exact requirements

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